tales of a two year old


I realized that I was to walk before God in motherhood as I walked in the other areas of my life — with Him as the center of my life, with Him as my strength, with Him as my guide — but like the rest of my life, it was to be a walk of faith, not sight. I would not be able to understand each day or season or even make life perfect by trying hard. Though I have been given the stewardship of my children’s lives and souls, they belong to God just as my life belongs to Him.” -Sally Clarkson


Moriah, my dear, you are so much fun. It’s rewarding for us to see you grow and learn. You really are soaking in everything!

I must admit: at times, I think you’re a teenage. Your emotions oscillate between contagious joy and selfish tantrums. You are truly seeking independence, but you are cautious and want to please mom and dad. You are learning obedience, and your trust deepens each day as you see truth modeled.

It’s a blast to know you!

I feel like I learn a lot as I watch you explore and ask questions. And there’s no shortage of silliness in between!

Oct2013_MJ+puzzle potty-training01