Love you, Mom


Dear Moriah,

It is currently 12:45 in the afternoon — nap time for most babies — and you are, instead, crawling all over me while I lay on my stomach in bed. I’m journaling and reading, but you think it’s play time. Your nearly-8-month-old mind has to know what’s happening up here with the pen and paper. I feel you inch closer and closer until your head is resting near my neck and your strong, tiny fingers are stretching to grab the pen. I redirect your curiosity toward 2 toys that wait for you in the middle of the bed, hoping you’ll give in to exhaustion as you chew on a stuffed frog.

You have filled our home with joy and giggles since birth. We have enjoyed watching you develop and grow, praying for you as you learn and discover. Your personality is easy-going and generally content. Since you started to crawl a few weeks ago, you are less satisfied with the constraints of your playpen, despite the amusement you gained from the toys therein before you knew how to scoot along on your forearms and belly. Your new-found mobility has offered opportunities to train you, though. This week — for the first time — I said “no” firmly as you were headed for a basket of board books (no doubt, to chew on them). You looked into my face, curled up your tiny bottom lip and began to cry. Your heart is so tender and your feelings were hurt by the correction. I stood my ground, just quietly watching. You eventually crawled away obediently.

Moriah Joy, we want you to know the loving discipline of the Lord and to learn to follow Him. His ways are not restricting but, rather, freeing. God offers boundaries for our protection. We pray we will train you in such a way that your heart will be fertile to experience saving faith early in life.

We love you, yet we know you really — ultimately — belong to God. He formed you and chose a plan for you. He placed you in our home and in our arms. He will care for you the rest of your life. He will never leave you if you are His child. There may be days of uncertainty or doubt, yet God sees beyond what we can.

As I write, Dad and I are unsure about the course of your adoption. Your birth mom has expressed that she wants you to be adopted because she is unable to parent right now. I think she is brave to admit that adoption is the best thing for you, and we are thankful that God chose us to be your parents! He planned this family before time began, and His ways are good. Always good.

Love you,